iCam Madrid Capital App Reviews

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None of the cameras WORK

It crashes

What the heck!!

Doesn't work!!!!!

Something's wrong. Doesn't work!

None of the cameras work. Everytime I try a camera anywhere in the city, the app shows an ad first, then I press "close" and it stays on a black screen with the ad in the middle for more than a minute, then it gives me an error message in Spanish saying "the camera can't be shown at this time, check your internet connection." I tap "OK" then it freezes. It does that every time with every link. Please, fix this bug and make it work as it's suppossed to. I also DLed the one for Sevilla and Madrid roads and they both work fine without a problem. So, there's something wrong with this particular app. The developer needs to fix this app and make it work. All these apps are free, but it's a shame that this particular one won't work, seen than Madrid has so many beautiful places to see.


I think this thing likes weiner

Good start, need maps

Great start. Addition of maps with camera location and highlighted traffic info for main roads would be nice, especially in the paid version. Glad some developers are working on reliable local info for madrid! :)

Very useful for planning routes or calculating transit times.

Developer has updated app quickly when issues have arisen. Very responsive. Keep up the good work!

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